Terms of competition

General terms for participation in competitions at Sportyfied

Unless otherwise stated, participation is free, and each person can only participate once. Attempted cheating and use of false name and address will result in exclusion from the competition.

All winners are contacted directly. Sportyfied reserves the right to publish the name or club of the winner of a competition on Sportyfied.com and other media used by Sportyfied.

Prizes not picked up 3 weeks after they are won remain Sportyfied's property. Sportyfied agrees with the individual winner as to whether the price should be picked up or sent. In connection with the collection of prizes, Sportyfied may require valid photo identification.

Sportyfied employees are not allowed to participate in competitions.

Registrations received after the last registration deadline will not be considered. Only Sportyfied decides whether a registration is received on time and can be approved. It is the participant's own responsibility that the registration arrives on time. Sportyfied cannot be held responsible for problems with registration, whether it happens on the Internet, per. phone, email, mail etc.

Sportyfied may decide that participation in a competition may only be limited to a specific type of registration or in a limited forum such as Sportyfied.com, coupon in a newspaper, Facebook etc.

In the event of competition participants, it is accepted that Sportyfied may share name and club on Sportyfied's platforms. Participants agree that one's name may be used in connection with promotion and that this is done without any form of remuneration.

Winnings cannot be exchanged for cash. A prize will not be handed out to a winner if the person in possession of the prize will violate the law.

By participating in a competition or event at Sportyfied, you agree to the competition rules.

At Sportyfied, we reserve the right to end competitions without prior notice. All decisions in connection with competitions are final.