Hummel Authentic Half Zip Sweatshirt

The Hummel Authentic half-zip sweatshirt is in many ways a classic sweatshirt, but with some new features. With this Authentic sweatshirt, Hummel has designed a sweater that gives you optimal protection against wind and weather. In addition, you will receive a sweater with a focus on ventilation, so you can benefit from wearing this sweatshirt for many hours during training.
The sweatshirt is available in 8 different colors and the zipper is in a nice contrasting color which gives a nice effect to the design. On the sleeves you will find the classic Hummel chevrons, which on this jersey are kept sitting only from the elbow and down to the hand.
The half-zip sweatshirt is good, both as a warm-up jersey, but also as a work-out jersey on the slightly colder days.

- Lightweight and water-resistant material
- Maximum ventilation
- Half zip
- Part of Hummel's new Authentic series
Quality: 100% polyester
Colors: Available in 8 colors
Brand: Hummel   
Model: 204927   
Product No: hum26970

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